Immersed during their childhood in the Arts, Charlotte, is the granddaughter of a Coco Chanel model and the grand-niece of famous artist Jean Cocteau, when Kaki has always admired the meticulous work of Yves Saint Laurent. Both born and raised in Parisian bourgeois families, they have developed an acute sense of elegance and “chic Parisien”. Their natural desire to embrace life to the fullest, took them to travel across the world.

Kaki’s career started as a crew member. Her daily routine was focused on discovering the main cities of the world. She finally settled down in Hong Kong in 2010 and launched few years later her own brand, Makaron. She finds her inspiration in the magical resources of her multiple travels. When she is designing her collections, her mind is filled with endless summers, seaside villages, unforgettable sunsets, exotic escapes and cheerful images. She is passionate about Japan and particularly fascinated by kimono’s geometric shapes and floral prints, its perfection of details, and its irresistible bold mix of zesty colors and patterns, that can also be found in her creations.

Charlotte, as a former lawyer in Paris, gained a global experience advising luxury brands and start-ups in the French fashion industry, dreaming of creating her own fashion accessories brand. She finally follows her husband to Hong-Kong in 2011, keeping in mind her fashion project.  

Kaki and Charlotte end up meeting in the vibrant Asian capital of Hong-Kong, and madly fall in...friendship, the way one falls in love. Sharing the same passion and creative vision, they launched their first collection of fashion accessories for multi-tasking women: a palette of contemporary pouches, clutches, totes, splash resistant bags all in a warm kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. A unique Beach accessories brand that fits their mutual aspirations is born: authenticity, elegance and style!

Always in the lookout for high quality fabrics and excellent craftsmanship, their collection is made of punchy patterns in rainbow shades proudly displaying their sign of recognition: the zigzag. The collection is joyful and colored, the way they envision life. Makaron is all about making the useful become delightful. Makaron is a French chic interpretation of beach lifestyle. So step in the intimate world of Makaron where each single piece is a treat for the eye.  Life in colors is always a better life.

The success of their first collection in Asia is important; In Europe it’s striking! Makaron is now available all over the world and recognized as the top chic Beach lifeStyle yet affordable brand.

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