MAKARON is committed to a standard of excellence in every aspect of its business, including legal, ethical and responsible conduct in all of its operations.

Factories, suppliers and agents affiliated with the manufacturing of MAKARON goods share the same commitments, including high quality standards set by the founder of the brand.

From sourcing to retail, MAKARON is involved in a high quality product delivered to the consumer:

-       Sourcing: using the highest-quality fabrics and materials to deliver the best possible products to our customers.

-       Long-term relationships with suppliers.

-       Employment ethics: respect of working hours, no child labor, no forced labor, respect of health & safety rules and environment.

-       High standard of quality control: the team strictly controls each stage of the production process.

-       Point of sale: regular communication and follow up with retailers in respect of the Makaron brand image and price range. 

Environmental Responsibility

MAKARON believes it is important to take responsibility for the environment by selecting materials and way of transportation carefully. Our goal is to lower our environmental impact, and since our customers decide way of transportation we try to guide them to better options.

Environmental thinking should be a natural part of every day activity. All employees must be aware of the MAKARON policy and be given basic environmental training during their induction, while the training of key individuals will be more extensive.

Our suppliers must have clear environmental programs, careful selection of materials and consideration of these requirements at the time when new products are being developed. If any suppliers should not follow our code, the cooperation will be examined and actions taken accordingly.