Still finding it hard to find the perfect Christmas gift to giveaway this Holiday? Join MAKARON at a ballroom amongst many different pop-up stores showcasing bags, shoes, accessories, jewellery and much more!

MAKARON’S collection is filled with different colors bringing out a vibrant atmosphere with it. MAKARON’S bright and radiant colors will bring you to awe. Colors represent different meanings to different individuals. Our collections are made of punchy patterns in rainbow shades proudly displaying our sign of recognition: THE ZIGZAG.

The perfect gift for Christmas is our cosmetic pouch to hold your essential valuables (make-up, phone, passport, etc.). Elegant and glossy style to slip into your handbag or use it as a clutch! We are offering a 50% off only at the Conrad Fair this Saturday!

Come and Join MAKARON along with a lot of other vendors this Saturday. While you’re at it, be sure to check out:

(1.)  ANGELA JAY: Sharing their love for India through their signature accessories, Angela Jay has the perfect combination of traditional and modern! Each accessory has its own specialty, and is made in a different region of India to create its signature pattern.

(2.)  NUAGE CONCEPT: Trendy and fashionable, Nuage Concept is made by independent French Designers carrying products of luxury fashion jewellery and accessories.


Saturday 2 December 2017
10 am to 6 pm 
Open to the public 

Conrad Hong Kong 
Grand Ballroom 
Pacific Place 
88 Queensway 
Hong Kong


Be sure to check out their website as well:


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